December 27, 2014

Word for 2015: Transformation

I can't believe Christmas is already over!  It seems it came and went by so fast this year!  I absolutely love the holiday season, but when it's over, it's over in my opinion!  I don't like to drag out the holiday by keeping the Christmas tree up until February; I like to get on with life as usual.

I am a goal oriented person, so I've always liked the idea of New Year Resolutions, family themes, 30 day challenges.  If you've followed my blogging you already know this about me.  This year instead of a list of goals for 2015, I'm focusing my goals towards one word:  Transformation.  I'm already on a path of change since managing my depression, so I want to keep the momentum going, and I feel like I've only just scratched the surface.  

I'm no stranger to change and even transforming myself.  My life has handed me much to deal with, and usually in a moment's notice.  But this year I want to focus on intentional change, not just reacting to what life hands me.  They say how you react to change builds character, but what about actually building one's own character?  Why not intentionally change things I don't like about myself and focus on what I do like about myself?

Intentionally transforming myself into the person I want to be is going to be my focus for 2015!
Wish me luck!

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December 18, 2014

Holistic Healing (Vol 4): Catching Up and Checking in!

Hello faithful readers and dear friends, whoever you are!  December is flying by so fast, as is does every year, am I right?  Joseph and I have been working our bottoms off at Eidolon House, which is exactly how we like it!  Being terribly busy has thrown us off schedule though, and I have noticed it has effected my physical and emotional health.  When one is hyper-aware of such things as mood swings and energy levels one tends to notice how just the smallest change in everyday life effects everything; it's been quite a learning process and totally amazing at the same time.

Part of managing emotional health obviously leads one to manage physical health.  Joseph and I have been making small but significant changes regarding our diet, drinking soda, and sleep schedules.  We're not perfect at all of this yet; as I've already mentioned, this month has been rough.  But we're taking each day one day at a time, and making sure we don't give ourselves too harsh of guilt trips either.

I have got to find a way to be more active, and not worry about my leg falling off!  This is our next hurdle to get over.  The life of an amputee is always interesting, I'll give you that!  Getting over this hurdle has led us to shopping for lightweight wheelchairs!  I've always had great upper body strength, and my legs, or lack thereof, are not my greatest feature, obviously.  So, if my leg falling off is the one thing keeping me from being active, then I'm taking the leg out of the equation all together!

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We're saving our bucks and we're super excited about all the opportunities that actually open up by figuring out how to live with my disabilities.

What do you guys do to stay active?

December 6, 2014

Holidays In Full Swing. . . .

The holiday season is in full swing here in Plano Texas!  Last year was a hard year for me; I missed my family, but more, I was in the thick of a depression that I was not aware of just yet.  But this year is so much better and I'm totally excited about it!

 I made delicious Pizzelle cookies that were lightly dusted with powdered sugar.  They looked just like beautiful snow flakes!
 The cookies were for our church's Christmas program and dinner!  The dinner and program were great, we enjoyed ourselves, and met new friends!
After dinner we drove home through beautiful neighborhoods decorated with bright lights!
Yes, the holiday season is in full swing!