2008 was one of the most challenging years of my life.  I found myself aimless after settling a divorce a year or so before, and in January I lost my daughter Millee while giving birth.  Five months after losing my daughter, I was in a car accident and lost my right leg (just below the knee).  Since the accident my amputated leg has healed, I went through a lot of physical therapy and I am able to walk using a prosthetic leg.  I'm still healing when it comes to losing Millee, but I'm mostly really good.  I'm remarried to a wonderful man, and we're living in beautiful East Texas on a one acre homestead.

This blog is sort of a tribute to Millee, and was a way for me to share about my path to healing, and actually it provided a path to heal.  I owe Millee, my husband, my step-children, and myself to become the best possible version of myself, and one cannot progress without healing.  I feel to grow and become better, I need to creatively put my passions into something (art, crafting, cooking, hobbies, writing, etc.), have a lot of faith (get know and trust in the Lord), self-reflect often, write about all of it, and share it with others.  

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