October 30, 2014

A Step in a Holistic Aproach to Depression Treatment Vol 2. . .

I've been researching holistic ways to treat depression lately.  One thing I've learned through managing pain and a constant state of discomfort, having lost my leg, is that the brain is a very powerful tool.  Have you heard of CBT , Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?  I'll save CBT for another blog.  One of the steps to holistic treatment for depression is trying something new.  When trying something new your brain releases dopamine which is associated with pleasure, enjoyment, and learning.

I start a new project at least every other month or so.  Mostly because I like exploring my creative side; I like to try things for myself to see if I really do like them or not. 

I've been so excited to start my next project!  Making necklaces out of my handmade marbled paper, and printing some of them with our lead type and decorative tools!  

I am in love with these necklaces and guess what?  Making these make me feel happy!
Of course you don't have to add trying something new to your depression treatment plan in order to try something new.
What fun new things are you trying these days?


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