January 6, 2015

Gratitude Tuesday and Random Thoughts Because I'm Sick. . .

It's 4:19 am and I am writing this blog. . . I have been sick for exactly six days and I'm not on the mend.  I have good old fashioned cold and flu.  Normally when I get sick, I'm sick for a total of two days, so this six day stint is a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

Okay so enough about my sickness and more about what is really on my mind:  Goals Towards Transformation.  (Remember my word for 2015, read about it HERE!)  My goals are not the typical lose weight, and become hotter than I've ever been in my life; although that isn't a bad goal. ;)  My goal in transformation is to focus on all aspects of health such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  This is actually really broad and therefore gives me plenty of room to fill a full year of improving myself!  To some, this would be overwhelming, but for me this is the beginning of something wonderful!

I preach positive thinking a lot, mostly because I have experienced first hand the actual power positive thinking has on ones endurance, state of mind, and motivation.  But positive thinking doesn't just happen, and it's more than day dreaming about a pretty meadow with a babbling brook running through it.  Day to day life isn't always positive, other people aren't always positive, and so constantly staying positive can sometimes be freaking hard work!

I've found one way to stay positive is to watch Parks and Recreation and become exactly like Leslie Knope.  Just kidding, although I wish Leslie Knope was a real person and lived next door to me, because I think we would be great friends.

Thinking about what I'm grateful for in my life always helps me stay positive!  This Tuesday I'm grateful for:

  • Random texts from one of my oldest and dearest friends telling me how much she loves me!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have awesome friends!
  • On that same subject, another dear friend of mine sent me THIS video yesterday, just because!  This Year by the Hellers is a great song and would make a perfect theme song for 2015!
  • Still on the subject of friends, our new friends The Palskys are freaking awesome, and also amazing cooks.  I know this because they brought us dinner Sunday night, and not just any dinner, full on Thanksgiving dinner!  Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, this was extra special for me.  The Tardis printed from a 3D printer that they gave us was pretty awesome too!  (Wovians unite!)
  • My husband is also sick, yet he has been taking such good care of me!  I'm one lucky girl!
This small list of what I'm grateful for this week have a common theme:  People!  It's so important to surround yourself with wonderful people, and clearly I have.


The time is now 5:00 am, I better get some shut-eye!
I'm also craving a Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit! 

And now you're craving a Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit too!