March 9, 2015

An Immeasurable Force. . .

Women supporting women is a force not fully understood in my opinion!  Those who have felt the support from other women know exactly what I'm talking about.  It's a feeling of receiving strength and courage from another human being that isn't necessarily your spouse or partner; at the same time its a feeling that I struggle to define.  

I have felt the support of strong women through different experiences in my life, and it's a feeling I welcome, and at times I crave.  Because I've been blessed with strong women who have influenced my life for good, I hope I can return the favor to others.  I want ALL women to feel what I've felt, and I'm happy to share that strength and encouragement with you!

To all the wonderful ladies I know and have crossed paths with:  I feel honored to know you.  I may not always show my support publicly, but know that I am on your side cheering you on!