November 24, 2014

Steps to a Holistic Approach to Treating Depression Vol 3. . .

In my last post I talked about a step in a holistic approach to treating depression HERE.  There are a lot more steps one should be taking when it comes to managing depression such as:  Sticking to schedule, setting small achievable goals, exercise, eating wholesome vitamin rich foods, therapy, and even prescription medication if needs be.  Personally, I see no problem with taking prescription medications, and making yourself a holistic treatment plan.
It's a bit naive to think one should just pop a pill and all will be right with world.  Helping yourself should be the first and most important step when treating depression in my opinion.  Taking the time to reflect and analyze your emotions,  identify triggers, and writing out a plan to deal with those triggers, and maybe even prevent them can only help, and just think about the great habits you're learning in the mean time!  I see no down side to this approach.
I sat down and did just this:  I thought about all the circumstances that trigger negative emotions, and I listed them out.  I listed everything from someone looking at me wrong, to forgetting one white sock in the laundry, when I just finished the white load!  I mean just writing down every little thing was quite therapeutic.  Then I went through that list and rated each circumstance.  Some triggers are really just asinine; other triggers have merit, so I considered, explored, and included them in my treatment plan.  If I hadn't taken the time identify all of my triggers, I wouldn't have been able to choose which ones to throw out and completely disregard, and which ones need attention.
I can't express enough the importance of self-reflection, and how this step alone has helped me so much this year!  It's so easy to notice what other people are or aren't doing and criticize them for it.  It's much more challenging to look at one's own behavior, bad habits, and short comings, and realize change needs to happen if one truly wants to live a happy and productive life.  Now when I feel like I'm going to have a bad day, I first look to my plan, identify what I'm not doing correctly, and nine time out of ten, I've left something out that I should have been doing.  I have noticed something as simple as getting off on my sleeping schedule can mess me up for days!

My happiness is truly up to me, therefore I can only criticize my own actions and correct them one day at time.   

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