March 16, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

We've had a great week; plenty of highs to last well into next week!  My friend Stacey Tyler stayed with us until Wednesday, and during her visit we enjoyed a good shopping day in McKinney, great food, and relaxing time crocheting and talking.  Our week finished with great restoration work and fantastic weather!

My low of the week would have to be that our car is in the shop.  We don't know what's wrong with her yet, and I'm not looking forward finding out what the bill will be.  I absolutely hate car trouble!  The dealership sent us home with a loaner car that is completely awesome though!

Here are some photos of our nice week and the fabulous weather we've been having!

My three animal children enjoying the warm sunshine!
Beautiful historic down town McKinney and the sweet corner cafe Stacey and I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at!
Saturday was rainy but beautiful!  This picture doesn't do the rainbows justice, but if you look closely there are two!
The sky was full of color between rain storms Saturday, and the sunset was spectacular!
Joe and I enjoyed a great pizza date on "Pie Day"! 

I hope you all have a great week!


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