March 21, 2014

"Can't see the forest for the trees"

I've made a huge mistake of noting all of our sacrifices by moving to Texas, but I haven't been noting all the amazing blessings that have come from all those sacrifices.  This is a huge "no-no" in my book, and I usually try to stay on top this kind of perspective.  Sometimes being too close to a situation can be dangerous; especially if you never take a moment to step back and look at the situation as a whole.

Huge oak tree in my "yard".

I've been consumed with all that I miss and gave up to move to Texas, and do this crazy thing, like start a business.  I was focusing on this small space (our tiny apartment), no real financial security, no yard, no friends, no family, no homestead, and no mountains!

A couple days ago I took a step back and took a good look at our situation:  We've been able to pay our bills every month since moving here, our business is paid for (no debt, thanks to Joseph's retirement), we work with amazing clients who sell and collect the most amazing books out there, we've cultivated business to business connections, we live in a very very nice part of the city, close to a big city (Dallas), only 20 minutes away from beautiful country, and I get to be with my husband every single day!  Everything else will come in time, and we still have our family and friends; they just need to be more involved with social media to stay connected, or text, or Skype, or FaceTime, or write a letter (hint hint).

Life is really good and to top it off, I was offered the dispatcher job yesterday!  I start my new job in about a month!  Through all we've given up, we've in turn gained so much, and I couldn't be more grateful!  We are one blessed little family! 

Texas Sunset.

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