March 15, 2014

I'm an Adult! What?

While my friend Stacey was visiting us last week we were all sitting around talking, and we brought up Jimmy Fallon being the new host of The Tonight Show.  Growing up my dad watched Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, and I'm curious to know what he thinks about Jimmy Fallon, because Jimmy is a completely new face to my Dad I think.

While we were talking we were wondering if Jimmy will appeal to fans our parents age.  Then I realized, I'm the same age now that my dad was when he watched Johnny Carson; I said to my husband and friend, wait guys, we're the target demographic for The Tonight Show now!      



Moments like this remind me that I'm an adult.  I sometimes still think of myself as a young twenty something, but I'm all grown up now!  :)

Joe and I are huge fans of Jimmy Fallon; we watched him on Saturday Night Live, and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and now we watch him on The Tonight Show!

Here are some of my favorite moments of Jimmy!

Jimmy playing/singing as Neil Young, also singing with Bruce Springsteen "Whip My Hair".  The original song is by Willow Smith (Will Smiths daughter).  See clip HERE!  When Bruce joins Jimmy singing, it's hilarious!  HERE is Willow Smith's original version so you can see the difference....

Jimmy and The Roots with Carly Rae Jepsen. See clip HERE!

Jimmy's Lip Sync battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt.  See clip HERE!

Jimmy and Brad Pitt Yodel.  See clip HERE!

Jimmy Fallon musical impressions.  See clip HERE!

Jimmy Fallon and Carrie Underwood singing country-rap.  See clip HERE!

Jimmy doing impressions of other comedians, the best is his Jerry Seinfeld impression.  See clip HERE!

Do you want me to keep going, 'cause I can!  But I won't!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. In that vein, I wonder when I will stop referring to my friends as "girls." We are straight up women at this point.

    1. Rachel, you're so right! I still refer to myself as a "girl"! We are women!