January 5, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

High of the week
Joseph and I have had a fantastic week actually:  We finished fun projects in the bindery, spent practically all of Friday at IKEA (we were just running in for a quick look at their lamps, and stayed a while), rearranged and cleaned the studio, and discussed plans for the business.   

Low of the week
Friday night a freak thing happened to our heater in our home; it malfunctioned and wouldn't turn off!  After several different attempts of resetting it, we finally just flipped the fuse and cut off all power so the stupid thing would turn off.  Joseph left a message to our maintenance help at our apartment complex early Saturday morning, but we hadn't heard from them by 2pm.  Joseph called them again and after explaining a few times to the people in the front office about our problem, they finally sent someone to fix our heater.  Get this, the maintenance man told us the women who took our message originally told him that our heater was too hot, so we've had to open our windows.  They all had a good laugh and wondered why we didn't just turn down the thermostat!  I think something was lost in translation on that one.  Our heater is fixed now and we have the thermostat set at a cool 63 degrees

This thought seems fitting for the beginning of a new year.
I can honestly say I'm living a life I'm proud of, and that feels good to say.

How was your week?


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  1. Glad to know your heater is already fixed. I'm not a winter person, so I really cannot handle the cold as well as other people. I don't think I'd be able to sleep if my heater ever broke. The people you called must've heard you wrong or something, they probably thought you didn't need any legit help so the maintenance man was a bit late. Anyway, I'm glad all is well :)

    Duane Simpson @ AccuTemp