December 9, 2013

Week Two - The Fast Diet

It isn't a secret that I've struggled with getting in shape and losing weight, especially since I lost my leg five years ago.  It isn't a secret that I absolutely love delicious food either; I'm also an emotional eater.  I can find any reason to celebrate and enjoy a good meal!  Most of all, it isn't a secret that I'm getting older and it's time to get serious about my health.

My cousin Kandin told me about a diet she's been doing and she's been successful too!  The diet is called The Fast Diet, check out the website HERE!  The diet is really quite simple:  Five days out of the week eat as you normally would (within reason), and two days of the week only eat 500 calories (for women) or 600 calories (for men).  To help you understand the benefits of fasting check out Dr. Mosley's documentary HERE!  I usually hate watching documentaries; it's hard to find one that doesn't have a hidden agenda or one that isn't completely biased.  Dr. Mosley's documentary about fasting shares great information from several different doctors who approach dieting and fasting in different ways, and the diet is about overall health, not just weight loss.


Joseph and I started our I.F. diet two weeks ago.  We fast on Mondays and Thursdays, however, our first week of dieting was Thanksgiving so we fasted on Monday and Saturday that week.  Our second week of fasting was harder for me, the excitement wore off a bit and I felt hungry both days.  I feel I should watch the documentary again to re-excite myself as a way to stay motivated.

When my cousin Kandin was telling me about the diet, she said something to me that clicked.  She said, she loved that she really only has to worry about what she's eating on fast days, she doesn't have to stress about what she's eating every day.  For those of us that enjoy eating, calorie counting only two days a week is pretty nice.

Our first week of the I.F. diet we didn't lose weight, but we didn't gain weight either; something to do with enjoying Thanksgiving I think.  Today is the first fast day of our third week, so we weighed ourselves this morning:  In week two I lost 2 pounds and Joseph lost 3!  We're feeling good and we're not discouraged about dieting either!

Have you heard of intermediate fasting before?
What do you think about dieting?


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