December 8, 2013


High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

High of the week:  Today, Sunday is such a special day.  I was raised in a religious home and Sundays were always a day for worship and family.  Now as an adult, Sundays are just as special but in a different way; I have my own little family to love and cherish, and religion and spirituality are much more personal and intentional as an adult.  I just love Sundays!
Our first Cyber Monday was good to us!  We really didn't know what to expect; selling our blank books and marbled paper is just one facet of what we do at Eidolon House, we were thrilled that people bought our books!

Low of the week:  Bad weather make people do the strangest things.  Coming from Utah, we're used to bad weather and expect it; we know what to do when the power is out, we know how to drive in snowy weather, etc.  I get the feeling snow days in Texas are going to be a little different than snow days were in Utah.  When you live in a place that rarely has to deal with snowy and icy weather the people seem to be unprepared and common sense flies out the window I think.  The front office of our apartment community offered salt to help melt the ice; but we had to go to the main building to get it and they gave us maybe two handfuls.  They also sent a note around to the community stating they would not clear walk ways or stairs at all.  We saw one of our neighbors trying to break the ice up on the road with a 10 pound hand weight, I still can't figure out why he was doing that, and his efforts weren't successful either.  To be fair, the weather went from 68 degrees to well below freezing in one day so the rain turned to heavy ice and there have been a lot of power outages throughout the city and a lot of road and tree damage as well.  No one can be fully prepared for that kind of damage 100% of the time.  We still love you Texas!

River and Willow
What is your high and low of the week?


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