December 12, 2013

DIY ~ Wrapping Paper

I personally hate buying Christmas paper, mostly because I don't like designs of the affordable paper, and I refuse to pay a ton of money for the good stuff, especially when I can make the good stuff myself.  I love wrapping gifts in Kraft paper and twine, but I wanted to add a bit of holiday color to my wrapping paper this year.

This project was inexpensive and I think the paper turned out great!  
Here's the process:   

Supplies needed:
  • Blank paper.  I buy my brown paper rolls at Home Depot in the paint section; you get more for your buck buying the paper at a hardware store. 
  • Acrylic paint.  You don't need the expensive stuff for this kind of project, they are around .66 cents at Wal-Mart or a craft store.
  • Wooden dowel.  Or any thing you can find laying around the house that is the shape and size you like.  A bottle cork works great, a cap from a 2 liter bottle of soda, or even the lid from your empty milk carton. 
  • Fleece.  I used fleece because I wanted a softer texture on my stamp, but you don't need fleece.  Using raw material adds to the texture and feel of your paper.
  • A rubber band.  This is to secure the fleece around the dowel. 
  • A few paper plates.  These are used to hold your paint and spread out the paint so you can get an even layer of paint onto your homemade stamp.
 The process is quite simple:  Using paint is different than using an ink pad.  You'll want to spread out the paint on your paper plate little bits at a time.  You don't want to dollop paint on your wrapping paper, but you need to get enough paint on the surface of your stamp.

Once you get a feel for the amount of paint you need on your stamp you're good to go! 

What I love most about using paint rather than ink is the texture left on the paper.  The paint gives a certain rustic feel to the paper.  I wasn't too concerned about perfection either.

I love that I've created something special and original to wrap my gifts in.  
These special but simple touches adds purpose to gift giving for me, and presentation is everything!

This would be a fun activity for children too!  
Have fun!


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