December 1, 2013


High/Low a Sunday ritual.

High of the week:  The obvious high of this past week would be Thanksgiving!  Joseph and I cooked a fantastic meal together; we stayed home and enjoyed the day!  We missed our families and friends back in Utah terribly, but we are one couple who knows how to celebrate, and enjoy life in almost any situation.  
We also took a drive this afternoon to Ray Roberts State Park; we took many pictures of the beautiful Fall colors too.  (See our pictures on J&J Chronicles HERE!)

Low of the week:  My husband got sick Friday and is still feeling a bit weird today.  Joseph rarely gets sick, so I worry when something is wrong with him.   Who really likes worrying about their man, right? Bleh!

A few photos from our drive today!

Our leftovers the day after Thanksgiving!  Yummy! 

What about you?
What is your high and low of the week?


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