November 30, 2013

Fun with Marbled Paper!

My husband and I own a bindery and book restoration company.  Old books, especially of the 19th century, have marbled paper as end-papers; I hand marble paper to use for our restoration projects.  I sell my marbled paper on our Etsy shop HERE.

This week I was thinking of different ways I could use my marbled paper; I thought cute little gift tags would be fun to make using marbled paper, among other things.  So this week I made a bunch of gift tags, and my husband made a few notebooks too!



What do you think?  
I had fun making these; they are all backed with card stock for writing on too.


My favorite have to be the tags with gold tassels.  
My husband had a great idea of making tags out of some of our handmade paper, and we dipped the edges in gold and copper acrylic paint.  
They turned out quite pretty.


These are the cute notebooks my husband made.  
He sewed the papers and covered the boards with our marbled paper!
I think they are so cute!

We're traditional bookbinders; we try to stay away from the trendy bookbinding you see on Pinterest these days.  These little notebooks come close to the trendy category, but with our hand marbled paper used for the covers; they are really quite special don't you think?

Check out our Etsy shop HERE!


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