November 29, 2013

With a Grateful Heart

I haven't been trying to ignore my blogging this week; I've just been trying not to ignore other things in my life.  Sometimes I do find it hard to juggle everything I want to do, should do, and have to do; don't we all?  Yesterday my husband and I stayed away from our studio as much as possible so we could actually enjoy the holiday together.  Cooking a big Thanksgiving meal isn't easy work, but we sure did enjoy ourselves cooking together, and talking while Christmas music played in the background.

We didn't set a specific time to eat dinner; we just cooked and ate when everything was ready; it was so nice to relax, and just enjoy the day.  I am grateful for days like these, and cherish every one I can steal.

Of course, cooking a big Thanksgiving meal promises great leftovers!

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday with loved ones!


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