October 1, 2013

Chapter Two: Label Me

In our society we're often told it's wrong to put labels on people and ourselves, but I want to be labeled!  Not labeled in a judgmental sort of way, but labeled as in "defined".  My first obvious label is woman or wife, but what kind of woman or wife am I?  Am I a brave woman or am I reserved and introverted?  Maybe I am both depending on the situation I'm in.  Am I a spiritual woman?  What does it mean to be a spiritual person anyway?  Do spiritual people only attend church and pray, or can I find spirituality in other non-conventional ways such as; travel, reading, meeting new people, being in nature, meditation, etc.  I feel by answering these kinds of questions about myself, I'm in turn defining myself!
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Here are a some labels I'm striving for:  Brave, honest, fun, kind, creative, happy, loving, secure, and strong.

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