October 2, 2013

Chapter Three: This has to be addressed

As a woman in my mid-thirties, one subject has to be addressed:  Age!  Anyone who knows me well knows I don't want to age, but time is going to march across my face if I want it to or not.  Who decided that men get more distinguished and handsome as they age, i.e. George Clooney and Mark Harmon, and women just can't age at all?  Sure the confident women are fine with their aging, but there are those of us not so confident and I am not looking forward to dying the grey out of my hair.  Now, if I aged as these women have, I'd be pretty happy!  However, if I don't find contentment with grey hair I don't think I'd continue to die my hair brown, my natural color; I'd dye my hair blue or purple!

At some point in a persons life not only does age have to be addressed; health must be addressed as well.  Some people are naturally health aware but most of us have to make it a priority and a life changing experience to make it stick.  I'm going to use this blog not only to focus on my emotional and spiritual health but also focus on my physical health!  Joseph and I were planning a 30 day challenge around health, (check out our past 30 day challenges HERE), but we never got around to it, and I want this to be something I can conquer in my own way on my own timeline.  So here's to aging well and a healthy future!  What do you guys think about how society views women aging?    


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