September 30, 2013

Chapter One: Introductions

Hi!  My name is Jill Adams; I live in northern Texas with husband, Mini Schnauzer, and two Russian Blue cats.  My husband and I moved to Texas from Utah about four months ago to start our own business and make a new life for ourselves. The experience has been quite the ride so far and we're just getting started!  But, this blog isn't about that; this blog is a personal, even vulnerable blog about my journey in defining myself.

I've been blogging over four years and still do blog J&J Chronicles HERE, but I felt it was time to start a new project.  I've been wanting to start this blog for months and I have to tell you, this blog isn't what I had originally planned it to be.  I'd been thinking a lot about the content and subject matter, and this has turned into a project; more like a journey or experiment and this blog is the platform.  I'm an inward thinker; I'm always thinking about who I am as a person, what are my skills and talents, what makes me happy, and all those big huge questions everyone of us think about but might feel foolish to talk about out loud.  We all love those wonderful profound thoughts from the great writers and poets, and I swear the most common thing shared on Pinterest are deep and inspiring thoughts and quotes in bold print with funky fonts, but have we ever stopped to think what happened before those deep thoughts were coined?

The first thing you have to do when starting a blog is name it.  I started thinking about experiences in my life that have helped shape who I am right now, good and bad.  This train of thought brought me to think about all of the people in my life that have influenced me, and there are so many people.  I can't say that I am who I am because of me alone.  Sure, I'd like to think that all of my own choices and beliefs have defined me:  I'm a republican, I believe in choice not chance, I believe in hard work not hand outs, I believe forging my own path not living by luck alone, blah, blah, blah.  While thinking about this blog, I realized I can't take the conservative route on this journey; too many people and experiences have shaped who I am today.

Because of Joseph I'm free to start this journey.  I'm confident that with his support and knowing that because of his love for me, I can begin this experiment.  I thought naming my blog Joseph Adams or Most Wonderful Husband in the World would be odd, and this blog isn't about him specifically.  However, Joseph and I have made creativity and innovation so much of our lifestyle, and I am so thankful for him and his influence.  I chose to call my blog Millee Margaret, it's a sweet name isn't it?  It's the name I chose for my daughter.  My experience of losing her started my first real experience of self reflection.  Margaret is my mom, and who doesn't have mother issues now days?  Don't worry mom, this isn't going to be that kind of blog; dishing about things I wish my mother would have done differently when I was a child.  But, mothers do play a huge, gigantic role in shaping their children;  I have to address my mother in this blog.  I'm sure I'll reflect on other family members and friends I've met along the way, and even some animals.  I also write poems and am going to bring back "high/low"!  (More on high/low later.)

So here it is:  Millee Margaret, a tribute blog for my daughter and a journey about finding and defining myself through creativity, faith, and reflection.  I hope by sharing what I'm experiencing now and what I have experienced in my past will somehow help or inspire others.  I hope you will feel free to share your experiences with me; I am always inspired by others. 

Joseph illustrated this picture for my blog header.  
I love it, It represents Millee perfectly! 


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