October 3, 2013

Chapter Four: The Ultimate Selfie

Can you believe that the word "selfie" is actually considered a word now?  Check out this ARTICLE found on Time News Feed; I hate that we accept words like selfie or twerk as actual words.  Why not say self portrait instead of selfie?  And no one, anywhere should ever twerk, much less use the word in a sentence. 

This blog isn't about the English language; we're talking about self portraits today!  How comfortable are you with self portraits?  I personally hate my picture taken, because I'm not happy with my physical self right now.  However, I feel that constantly pointing out that I don't want my picture to be taken because I don't like myself, isn't very healthy and probably won't help me get on the right track to living a more healthy life.  

My husband thinks I'm beautiful, and my family and friends like me as I am right now, so why not get over this issue of not taking pictures of myself?  I've challenged myself to take one "selfie" per week until I'm comfortable with having pictures taken of me!  Yikes!  Here are 5 tips from A Beautiful Mess on how to take better self portraits.  

Who's going to join me?
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Here is my first "selfie" of the week!
I took this yesterday sitting in my car while Joseph was in the post office. 

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