October 4, 2013

Chapter Five: Let it be said. . .

Let it be said, I'm not a floundering woman trying to find myself in the world; I hope that isn't the vibe I'm giving by starting this blog.  I know who I am, I think most people know who they are; we all have core values and beliefs that we identify with.  But I have to think as human beings we owe it to ourselves to evaluate, research, and evolve continually.  This is what I'm trying to do with self reflection and sharing my experiences on this blog. 

For example, I don't think it's enough to identify myself as a nice person, but then go about life not really doing anything nice for anyone.  It's like those people who share posts about saving starving people in Africa, but how well do they know their neighbor?  How about actually doing something that truly will make a difference in someone's life here and now, even right next door?  I believe that if you really know yourself, your actions will portray who you believe you are.

I want to find myself on a deeper, individual level; better yet I want to create myself.  I know I have a lot to offer and there is so much more to find within myself, but I'll never know what I have to offer if I don't evaluate, research, and try my best to evolve. 

Happy Friday y'all!  I hope you have a great weekend! 

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