March 4, 2014

Texans Y'all

Last week Joseph and I became official Texans!  We changed our drivers licenses!  It took three mornings of hitting the "DMV" at the crack of dawn (Texas doesn't have a DMV like Utah, it's the Division of Public Safety here.)  Monday morning we went to the public safety office right as it opened and the line was already out the door and down the side walk!  A woman came outside and told us the wait would be about three hours.  We had company coming so we left.  The next day, Tuesday we decided to drive to McKinney's public safety office, before it opened and be the first to go in.  There was a line already but not as large as Plano's so we stayed.  Only after two hours of waiting I found out I didn't have all the paper work needed to get a Texas drivers license!  Turns out looking up what I needed on their website was pointless, since their website didn't list that I would need my marriage license and my birth certificate.  We decided to come back the next morning even earlier, to get a jump on the line.  Wednesday we arrived 30 minutes before the office opened and there were only a few people in line!  We got in and got out fast, and I have to say all of the workers were very nice and helpful.  My experience last year in Utah, was not as pleasant. 

Update on my 911 dispatcher application:  I had an interview last week with a panel of three people.  I personally like interviewing with a panel, it's easier to engage a group of people than it is just one person.  However, one woman on the panel hated me!  She was not nice at all!  This woman would literally cut me off when I was giving an answer to their question; she would cut me off and ask a whole other question.  I thought to myself, she has horrible manners, or she's being a jerk on purpose to see how I would react.  I kept my cool, but inside I was really frustrated.  After I left the interview I knew I was going to get a letter thanking me for my interest in the position but. . .   A few hours a later Sargent Chris Havey called me and said I passed the interview!  I asked him if he was sure, and he was.  Now they start on my background check and such!  I myself don't have a tattered background, but my ex-husband sure does, and I had to list him and his info; I'm crossing my fingers that seven years of no contact and being divorced makes up for his tattered past and my stupid to decision to marry him in the first place.  Time will tell!

Since I'm an official Texan now here's a fun fact about Texas:  "Don't Mess with Texas" is a no litter campaign!  It's not how most people portray it, "Don't Mess with Texas 'cause we're tough and stuff", no that isn't what it's about at all.  Just thought someone might be interested in knowing this.


I hope everyone is having a great week!


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