February 9, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

I had such a great week, I'm going to find it hard to think of a low this week.  Here goes nothing:  I made spaghetti and meatballs last Sunday, and we've pretty much been eating off of the left-overs all week; this kind of cooking makes me happy!  I wrote THIS post Monday, sharing my friend's adoption story.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, take a look, if only to see cute pictures of their family.

My husband finished a knit scarf he's been working on and gave it to me!  

Thursday we woke up to what I call "snow globe snow", I was so happy to see actual real snow, not just frozen rain or frost.  The snow falling from the sky was just slowly floating to the ground, hence my calling it, "snow globe snow".  This was the perfect snow storm in my book; we had enough to cover the ground, but it was all melted by the next day.  I love the first day of snow storms, but the dirty muddy snow that hangs around days after isn't so pretty.  

On Friday I woke up trying to remember the last time Joseph has had a real live weekend to himself to do whatever he felt like, even if he felt like doing nothing.  I couldn't recall, so I asked him to take a real weekend and just chill with me, and that is exactly what we did!  Having an at-home business is totally awesome, other than you never really leave your work and you spend every free moment working on orders or other studio related projects.  Having a creative business is fun, but sometimes the studio needs to close; even if its just for a few days.  I do miss a regular job working Monday-Friday.  I remember feeling so excited as soon as I clocked out Friday evening and thinking I have the whole weekend to myself and my family!  I'm sure as our business grows and stabilizes we'll get back to those regular working days and hours.    

Joseph and I have been watching movies and working on crochet projects we've been wanting to try.  Joseph has been making a hat for a friend of his, and I made two hats!  I'm going to make a third:  I'm determined to get it exactly how I want it.  The pattern I found is made for women with small heads; I have a big head.  Also I don't care for the double stranded crochet because I want the hat to be thin, so I can wear it during the spring time too.  I've found I've had to alter the pattern which isn't easy as a novice crocheter; third time is a charm as they say!

First hat!
Second Hat
Last but certainly not least, Joseph and I spent some time at our favorite state park 30 minutes away from our home.  The park is called Ray Roberts, and the side of the park we go to is in a small town called Pilot Point.  I love the park and I love Pilot Point!  We drive past the most beautiful horse ranches on our way to the park.   I absolutely love seeing all the animals and beautiful green pastures!  Today was a cold and gloomy day, but there is a certain beauty and stillness to days like this that I love. 

There you have it!  A rather thorough report of our week, and all of it was good!
How was your week?


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