February 23, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

Highs:  This past week has been great!  The weather as been sunny and warm, and we've been working hard in the studio.
I'm waiting to hear back about a possible interview for a 911 dispatcher job.  The application process its self has been long.  I went for my first test back in December, another test in January, and a 34 page background report listing every address I've lived at, every job I've had since the age of 17, and listing all of my immediate family and in-laws' addresses and birth dates.  Lucky for me I kept every W2 from every job I ever had!  Some jobs I had W2s for I didn't even remember working at.  The gentleman I met with to go over my background report was shocked that I had all of my W2s; what can I say, I like to file paperwork.  Here's the kicker, all of my tests and background report will now go to the hiring manager to decide if they want me for an interview!  You read that right!  I haven't even had a formal interview yet!
I've sold a couple of my fedora hat patterns on Etsy!  I was so excited when I saw the order confirmations!  Granted this doesn't mean I'm bank rolling now; it's just so exciting to know that perfect strangers are interested in something I created!  My next crochet goal is to make a hat out of twine or straw; hats made out of yarn are obviously warm, and with Summer on it's way, I'd like to make something wearable for those hot months!

Lows:  I have had zero, I mean zero desire to cook anything!

I wrote THIS fun blog about some fun memories of the first year of my amputation this week.
It was fun to relive those memories, and to think how much my life has changed in just six short years!

I'm excited to spend the next couple of weeks updating and making changes to our website!
We moved here so quickly, and I threw our website together so quickly, that I feel it needs some updating.

How was your week?
I hope your week to come is a great one!



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