January 31, 2014

Inspiration Perspective

Sometimes it's easy for me to feel inspired and other times it isn't.  For me the feeling of inspiration isn't the same thing as felling motivated.  Inspiration feels different to me; it's more of a light and happy perspective about anything I see that is beautiful.  I feel inspiration when I'm outdoors in nature seeing God's art, and I feel inspiration when I see man's art.  Sometimes I even feel inspired just looking around my home; it's simple, functional, and beautiful.  Best of all it's something I put together, you know; making a house a home.

Eidolon House - Home and Studio

I fill my home with bits of nature, music, photos of our life, a lot of sunlight whenever possible, and great memories.  Even all those rolls of leather in the corner of my little dinning area means something is happening in my life; something inspiring.

On days when I can't spend time outdoors, or when I can't find anything new and inspiring on the internet, I look around my home and always find something special and inspiring.


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