December 22, 2013


High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

High:  Joseph and I had several deadlines to meet last week for the bindery;  we also had to get our Christmas presents mailed out for our families.  We pulled two all-nighters, maybe three; it felt so good to get everything done even though we lost several hours of sleep.  Situations like this make life fun I think!

Low:  Ridiculous family drama; family drama with extended family, which makes the drama all that more ridiculous in my opinion.  I learned a few things about extended family though, and it's always good to know someone's true character, even if the character turns out to be a hateful one.  

Our little Christmas tree this year!  Also a soccer ball for our cats!

How was your week?
I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!


Find out what High/Low is all about HERE!

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