October 14, 2013

Nesting: Eco Printing

One thing I've tried to narrow down for the past little while is my style in fashion and in home decor.  I don't like what I liked 10 - 15 years ago when it comes to home decor.  As I've searched websites, magazines, pinterest, and random Google searches I've determined my home decor style is rustic farmhouse with a French twist. 

A few weeks ago I was searching eco dying websites and stumbled across eco printing (there is a difference), and I thought to myself, how have I not heard of eco printing, and why haven't I tried it before?  I love natural fabrics and dying natural fabrics using pieces of nature would be perfect!  I referred to THIS website for instructions and gave it a try for myself.  Here is my first try printing on new dish clothes for my kitchen!  I think they turned out pretty well.    

100% cotton cloth; soaked overnight in a mixture of alum and washing soda.
Ring out the cloth, lay it out on a flat surface and spread out collected leafs, flowers, even sticks.
Roll everything up in the cloth and secure the cloth with rubber bands or string.
Steam the rolled up cloth for one hour.  Let the rolls sit after steaming over night.
Unroll the cloth and see your beautiful printed fabric!
I love the beautiful yellow and browns and you can even see the shapes of the leaves!
I can't wait to eco print more dish cloths and who knows what else!

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