October 15, 2013

Chapter Nine: "Friend Oriented"

I've been accused of being a "friend oriented" person, as if this were a negative thing, and I don't understand why loving my friends would be a negative thing.  I have the most amazing friends in the world!  My closest friends have quite literally in one way or another saved my life; these people must be loved.  

I'm the youngest of three children.  My sister is five years older than me, and moved out of our home when I was about 14 years old; so my friends became very important to me at a young age.  My brother is two years older than me; we became close friends after my sister moved out, which was fun because most of my friends wanted to date my brother, and I think he thought a few of my friends were cute too.  My brother and I spent a lot of time with our cousins "The Other Buckways" when we were in high school; we had a pretty fun group of friends to hang out with back then.  But, time goes on; my brother went on a mission for the LDS church, and got married shortly after he came home from his mission.

I've found throughout my life, people have come into it just when I needed them most.  In high school other than hanging out with my cousins and brother, I wasn't the type to hang with a big group, I always had just one or two very close friends; I'm still friends with those women today.  When I started working at Weber State Bookstore I also moved out of my parents' home and lived with four amazing women, whom I'm still friends with to this day!  When I began work at a Law Firm in Ogden, I became friends with the paralegal I shared the front office with; we had so much fun working together!  When I started work at Lifetime Products in Clearfield Utah, I met two of the most amazing women I know to this day!

Our families are obviously very important to us.  Culturally we're taught to think they are more important than anything in the world!  What is the that popular phrase, blood is thicker than water?  But our friends and our spouses are people we consciously choose to let into our worlds; why wouldn't we love them just as much as or more than we love our families?  Some of my biggest influences of strength, faith, and love have come from the support I've felt from my friends.

I'm happy that actual blood line doesn't define our families, if it did, my daughter wouldn't be our daughter, but she is.  Last April when Joseph and I were married in the LDS temple we also made Millee a part of our family.  I can not tell you how comforting it feels to know that the family I chose is complete. 

I'm not saying that family isn't important, I have a great family.  I'm saying friends, good friends, are just as important; so I guess I'm okay with being coined a friend oriented person, I have always been blessed with fantastic friends!

Sometimes it's the family you make for yourself that loves you the most.


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