October 8, 2013

Chapter Seven: Are we happy in Texas?

My cousin Kandin and I text a couple times a week and today she asked me a question:  Are you happy in Texas?  I looked at Joe and asked him the same question.  We realized a few little factoids that have changed since moving to Texas and I'd say yes!  We're happy in Texas!

We've seen numerous changes to our health and even our dog's health and the health of our car, yes our car.  I've have suffered years with dry cracked hands living in Utah.  Now since moving to Texas I have great skin and no cracks on my hands.  Joe has had Restless Leg Syndrome for several years, but here it does not bother him nearly as much.  Our dog Rascal had the worst breath in the world!  After moving to Texas, he doesn't smell any more.  Our car has always had a small oil leak.  We have taken our car into several shops to have the leak checked out, but no one has been able to find it.  Now after living in Texas, our car no longer leaks oil!  I can't explain Joe, Raz, or the car, obviously my skin is better because of the humidity here, but all in all, Texas has proven to be a good move for us!


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