November 10, 2015

The End To Begin Again. . .

To begin again, something must come to an end.  This blog began as sort of a tribute to Millee, and a way for me to share about my path to healing, and it actually provided that path to healing.  I have shared some of my most personal and hard experiences with almost 17,000 readers through this space, and I have appreciated the opportunity to do so.  I can only hope that by sharing my experiences I have in some way helped others.  That is why I write; I write to share, to help, to commiserate, to show my love for you.  
These writings will always be available here for me and others to peruse and reflect on, but I have moved on from my past and no longer need such a specific platform.  I owe Millee, my husband, my step-children, and myself to become the best possible version of myself, and one cannot progress without healing.  I feel to grow and become better, I need to creatively put my passions into something (art, crafting, cooking, hobbies, writing, etc.), have a lot of faith (get know and trust in the Lord), self-reflect often, write about all of it, and share it with others.  

And so the journey continues but with a lot less grief and a lot more light.  Before starting Eidolon House (Texas Edition), I wrote The Jill and Joe Chronicles which morphed into our business blog once we got to Texas, and then I started Millee Margaret.  But somehow I lost my personal voice in the whirl wind of these past three years.  Our homestead lifestyle is back, and that is what I shared in the beginning, along with a few thought provoking smatterings in between, but homesteading is my passion and I'm happy it's back!  I'm excited to share it all with you again HERE!  

I can't thank you all enough for reading this blog, and sharing in this crazy, but pretty great life I lead.  So let's begin again; follow my personal Instagram HERE or the more personal yet earthy side of Eidolon house: Spirit of Eidolon HERE.    


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