August 11, 2015

So much to say, so little time. . . Always time to say hi!

Hello y'all!  How have you been?  It's been a while since I've written.  I have so much to say and catch you up on!  But who really wants to be bored with reading about the happenings of my life?  Here's the gist:  It's Summer, it's hot, we're busy.  Sound like your life too?  I thought so.

Eidolon House is busy and getting busier and we couldn't be happier about that!  We're excited to have my niece Arika come stay with us for a couple of months to help us out.  We miss our children terribly; they came to visit us in June for a few weeks, and we miss them.  School starts soon, so they will be back to a scheduled life of learning.

We're driving to Utah in November for the Thanksgiving holiday!  Our dear friends the Tyler's invited us for Thanksgiving.  When you're friends invite you to celebrate your favorite holiday, you go!  We'll make some time for family too, don't worry.

We started a book club, if you're a reader feel free join!  The club is a Google + community HERE.  I better get back to work.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!  Write ya soon!

Diego!  He turns 9 in 5 days!  Stop growing so fast kid!  
Krista - She is 14 and beautiful! 

Macsen - 12 and way to serious for his own good. 

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