February 28, 2015

Our Simple Life Lately. . .

Joseph and I lead a pretty simple life, and we try to make sure it stays that way.  We lead a simple life intentionally.  Could we have crazy schedules packed with appointments going here and there just like everyone else these days?  Of course we could, but that kind of busy life is torture in my opinion, and completely unnecessary; I know because I used to lead a crazy busy life, and I wasn't happy about it.  A few years ago I came to the realization that I actually have complete control of my life, so I took control of it!

Our life lately has been the usual running our business and planning for our future move.  We're excited to move, but there is a lot about this place I'm going to miss.  I absolutely love Plano and all that is available to us here-I've never lived in a place quite like it actually-and I will miss it here.  That said, I'm more excited to get back to a quiet place with less available to us.  Getting back to homesteading has been our goal since we left our homestead in Utah; to say I'm excited is an understatement!

Friday Joseph and I took a road trip to Oklahoma to visit a friend, and of course we were driving in a snow storm the entire trip!  The roads weren't too bad, but other drivers were either super cautious or not cautious enough, so a three hour drive took about six hours.

Lucky for us we love road trips!  We jammed to music, read articles about the Doves Bible and talked about religion, politics, and our children.

We met with our friend Marc, and his wife gave us this beautiful loaf of Challah!  Every Friday Marc's wife bakes bread; she makes two loafs, one for their family, and one to give away.  What a wonderful tradition!  It reminds me of my mom's Love Cake.  Every time my mom makes Love Cake she makes two, one for the family, and one to give away, hence the name of the cake.  Kind gestures like these are what makes life enjoyable in my opinion!  I think I need to start this tradition in our family!

Tonight Joseph and I met our friends Alexis and John at Chili's and enjoyed a great dinner and conversation! We know amazing people, and our life is blessed because of who we know!

How is your life been lately?
HERE is a link to my mom's Love Cake recipe!  Enjoy! 

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