March 26, 2014

Life in Numbers

Six - The number of children I currently have.  Three human, three furry. 

Three Hundred Forty Two - "Friends" I have on Facebook, and I do actually know the majority of them.
Twenty Two - The number of boards I have on Pinterest.
One Thousand Twenty Two - Pins I have on my Baking and Cooking board on Pinterest, so 1,022 recipes I doubt I'll get through in my life time, but you better believe I'll keep on pinning! 
 Thirty Two - The number of tools I have for my fiber art hobbies.  12 crochet hooks, 18 knitting needles, and 2 tatting shuttles. 
One - Crochet project I have on the hook right now.  
Three - Crochet projects I have left to make before moving on to tatting and embroidery for the warmer season.

Forty Two - The number of acrylic paint bottles I have; mostly used for marbling paper!

Thirteen - Pairs of Saucony shoes I own, all fun and different colors.
Twenty Seven - The number of text message I've sent today. 
Six - The number of times I've sneezed today.
Five - The number of times I've told Joseph that I love him today.


Thirty Six - The number of years I've been alive!  

What are some of your numbers?


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