January 14, 2014

Nesting: Window Treatments with Pictures of Our Life

I absolutely love looking at my Instagram photos (@eidolonhouse) or my camera roll on my iPhone, because I like reliving snippets of our life I guess.  I'm not a person who has ever scrap-booked, but I take enough photos to fill several binders.  As it is now, my scrapbook is DROPBOX, several different DROPBOX accounts to be exact, with a lot of folders filled with pictures organized by date.  One day I'll organize all of my photos, but it's not a project I plan to take on anytime soon.

My decorating style isn't too fancy, and since the majority of our home is our studio, I thought it would be fun to hang some of our favorite snapshots from the past couple of years.  I downloaded THIS app, called Printic on my iPhone and picked about 40 pictures to have printed and mailed to me.  It's that easy too, select the pictures you want from your camera roll, Instagram, or Facebook photo albums, and you'll receive them in the mail in about a week.  The app allows you to crop the photos and add some text if you want to add a description to the photo.

I (with the help of Joseph), strung up twine across our windows in our studio and living room and hung our snapshots from little metal clips.  This was a simple project and inexpensive too!  However, adding bits of our life around the rooms adds an inviting and comfortable feel to our home.

I used twine that we've had around the house for some time now, I think Joseph bought the twine from a hardware store.  I bought THESE clips from IKEA, they can be ordered online for just $2.99.  I used little eyelets like THESE, and strung up the photos.  I think the hardest part of this project was deciding what photos to hang.

How do you display your photos?


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