January 26, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

My high of the week would have to be receiving a new set of scriptures!  Joseph and I ordered a new set on line and of course, in true bookbinder fashion, they will be rebound into something special.  We're both designing what we want our covers to look like and then Joseph will work his magic!  I'm excited because the last set of scriptures I have were from my Mission, like forever ago.  We're in a new season of life and feel we should have new, clean scriptures. 
This week I experimented with different oatmeal breakfasts.  My favorite is simple, cooked oatmeal with a bit of Greek yogurt and berries.  I made oatmeal with yogurt and fried bananas and peanut butter and honey; I did not like this at all!  Joseph ate his and said with was good, I threw mine away.
I made oatmeal, yogurt, and banana pancakes Saturday, and they did not disappoint.  The recipe called for 4 tablespoons of melted butter, I substituted the butter for smashed bananas.
Find the recipe HERE!

My low of the week would have to be the fact that this whole month we haven't been feeling 100%.  I caught the flu a few weeks ago and wanted to die, and Joe has been fighting it, but this bug will not leave us alone!  It's more annoying than anything to constantly feel blah.  But we're working through it and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having here.  I'm not wired for sunny warm days in January.  I love the sunshine but I miss those cold blizzard days; they make me want to hunker down and settle in with a good movie or book. 

How was your week?
I hope your week to come is a good one!



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