January 19, 2014

High/Low - A Sunday Ritual

So many things went well this week!
Joseph and I had a successful week of eating healthy, which always feels good.
I found a blogger who lost 135 pounds and has been able to keep off her weight for 6 years!
The best part about her diet is she eats (healthy food of course), but her recipes are delicious!
For those of us who find happiness in cooking and eating, this is a big deal!
What I found most inspirational about her though, is she didn't hate herself when she was heavy.  She appreciated the experiences she had and how her character was built as a heavy person.  Her whole view of being heavy and then losing weight and living healthy is so refreshing, I recommend you spend some time reading her blog.  Click HERE
I went to listen to 911 dispatch calls in McKinney.  It was pretty fun and nerve racking at the same time.
I had fun cooking up a storm this week.
The weather has been absolutely perfect!  60 degree days and 40 degree nights!

We had such a productive week, it's hard to think of a low actually.
If I had to name something it would be that Joseph is not feeling 100% yet.
It's like his cold/flu is trying to stick around as long as possible!

Here are a few of the recipes I cooked this week!
Made BBQ sauce for our pork sandwiches which was super easy!
Find the full recipe for BBQ sauce, cooking the pork, and apple tart slaw HERE!
Made this delicious 460 calorie sandwich this week!  Click HERE for the recipe!
I made mini taco salads, only 210 calories!  Click HERE for the recipe!
I made these cute little tortilla salad bowl cups too!  See how to do it HERE!

How was your week?


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