October 31, 2013

Ten misses and loves!

Joseph and I were running errands yesterday and we began talking about the things we missed from our life when we lived in Utah.  Here are our top then things we miss about Utah!

 1.  Being close to our families and children.
 2.  Being close to our friends.
 3.  Our chickens (homesteading in general).
 4.  Our fire pit in our back yard.
 5.  Cooking food in our fire pit in our back yard.
 6.  Cold and delicious tap water!  Texas tap water is not good. 
 7.  Tandoori Oven! (The best Indian restaurant is in Logan.)
 8.  Beautiful mountains and canyons.
 9.  Seeing big game wildlife (deer, moose, and wild turkeys).
10. Dairy/Farm country.

We also thought about what we love about our life in Texas; here are our top ten things we love about Texas!

 1.  Workings for ourselves!
 2.  Sky-scapes.  What Texas lacks in mountains, it makes up for with beautiful huge clouds!
 3.  Killer thunderstorms.
 4.  Rusty Taco!  Can't go wrong with two dollar fresh tacos.
 5.  Long growing seasons.
 6.  The cheese wall at Central Market! 
 7.  The wide variety of shopping available!
 8.  Squirrels and rabbits running around everywhere.
 9.  No cracking skin here!  Humidity can be a good thing.
10. How proud everyone is about being Christian.  Sorry Utah, you've got nothing on Texas in this regard.


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